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Pudong 24 Hour Emergency -
Alternative - 150-0019-0899 
23F&24F, 551 South Pudong Road 200120 China 


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Nov 10, 2023
Multiple offers You Shouldn't Miss! 看过来,一大波优惠福利正在路上!

Nov 9, 2023
“冬令进补,来年打虎” 话冬季膏方

Nov 3, 2023
SEIMC上海东方联合医院儿科:关爱儿童成长 护航儿童健康

Oct 27, 2023

Tel (24-hour):

(86 21) 5879-9999
(86) 150-0019-0899

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Phone us via the 24-hour numbers for urgent appointment and assistance

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Shanghai East International Medical Center
23rd & 24th Floors, Bldg B, 551 South Pudong Road, Shanghai, 200120 China
24-Hour: (+86 21)5879-9999 or (+86)150-0019-0899

24小时电话:(+86 21)5879-9999 或 (+86)150-0019-0899




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