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General Questions

Do you have any foreign doctors?
We have doctors from different conturies, all speaking at least English as a common language. Many of our Chinese doctors and nurses have overseas experience bringing back with them international standards of service.


Are you open 24hrs?
Yes! Call 5879-9999 or 150-0019-0899 at any time and a doctor will be able to see you at the hospital.


What do I do in an emergency?
In case of an emergency call 5879-9999 or 150-0019-0899, and ask a nurse to come down to meet you at the emergency entrance if it is out of clinic hours (Mon-Fri 9-5pm; Sat-Sun 9-5pm). She can take you up to the 23rd floor to see a doctor immediately. Due to the rules and regulations in China, we are unable to make house-calls and do not have control of the ambulances, so we advice, if possible, to make your own way to the hospital, either by taxi or driver.


Does your hospital provide an ambulance?
Ambulances in Shanghai are run by the Shanghai Medical First Aid Center (also called the Shanghai Ambulance Center ). Medical transport vehicles are based throughout the city and there is a 24-hour dispatch center. People using the ambulance service must pay the driver in RMB cash upon arrival at the hospital.

In general, you can request the ambulance to take you to a specific hospital. To call an ambulance, dial 120 and provide the call center your information. It is best to have someone who speaks Chinese help you.


Can I see a doctor in the middle of the night?
Yes. Our 23rd floor Night Emergency and Inpatient Ward is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and there are doctors and nurses available during the night shift, as well as specialist doctors on-call.


What is your delivery room like?
We have private delivery rooms with TV, DVD, shower room, Fetal monitoring, anesthesia, and other equipment integrated into the room, allowing for convenient procedures while preserving the comfortable and warm atmosphere.


What other maternity services do you have?
Our ob/gyn specialists offer prenatal classes for expecting parents to prepare for the delivery process and to ask questions about pregnancy and what to expect. This is a free service for our patients provided by SEIMC maternity care.


Do you have an inpatient service?
Yes. On the 23rd floor we have all our inpatient wards.


Do you offer Acupuncture?
Yes. Acupuncture is a natural, holistic method to cure many ailments, SEIMC's TCM doctors can speak Mandarin and English.


Do you only provide medical care to foreigners?
We welcome patients of all nationalities.


Do any doctors speak Mandarin Chinese?
Many of our doctors and all our nurses speak Chinese. Please let our receptionist know you would like a Chinese-speaking doctor when you make your appointment.




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