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Health Screening

Preventative healthcare is essential to maintaining good health. There is no need to wait until serious health problems arise and become complicated emergencies. Shanghai East International Medical Center (SEIMC) provides a number of health screening options that can meet the specific needs of any individual. If it has been a year since your last health check, make an appointment with a one of our doctors and start managing your health today!

Available Packages

Shanghai East International Medical Center offers a diverse range of quality health screening packages conducted by highly trained medical professionals.

Our Current Health Screening options include:

Women's (Under 40) Package

Basic Package

Platinum Package

Adolescent’s Package

Couple's Package

Women's (Over 40) Package

Deluxe Package

Children’s Package

Domestic Helper Package

Customizable Package

Men’s Package

Golden Package

Pre-School Package

Pre-Employment Package


Customizable health screenings are also available to groups from corporations, associations, and local organizations. To learn more about our customizable group health screenings, please call 5879-9999 ext. 2862 or email us at

Additional Tests and Procedures

Several tests/procedures are not included in our hospital’s Standard Health Check-up, but are available based on your doctor’s recommendations and on request.

We are able to provide optional tests including (but not limited to):

• Digital Mammogram

• Breast Ultrasound

• Prostate Cancer Screening

• Pulmonary Function Testing

• Abdominal Ultrasound

• Blood Testing

• Endoscopy

• Colonoscopy

• CT and MRI Scanning

Make an Appointment

Individual and corporate health screenings are both available. For individual health screening appointments, please call 5879-9999.

To learn more about group health screening options, or to make an appointment for a group, please contact Marketing at 5879-9999 extension 2862, or by emailing us at



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