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Thank you for choosing Shanghai East International Medical Center (SEIMC) as your provider.

We participate in many health insurance plans and can do direct billing. However all account balances due to SEIMC always remind the responsibility to you, the patient not insurance company. Please understand that your insurance policy is a contract solely between you and your insurance company. SEIMC always strives to make payment convenient for our patients. As a courtesy to our patients, we will submit insurance claims to your carrier and we expect you to:
• Be responsible for understanding details of your insurance coverage, including out of the country benefits, preventative care, Deductibles / Co insurance, Pre‐authorizations for procedure, and GOP process.
• Copy of valid ID / Passport. Notify us of any insurance and/or coverage changes at each visit. If we do not have current insurance information, we will expect payment in full at the time of service.
• Insurance must make full payment within 3 months (90 days) otherwise we require you to settle the balance directly.

If SEIMC does not receive a GOP from your insurance company prior to discharge, or prior to the completion of visit, then you, the patient, will be financially responsible to pay for final hospital charges at time of discharge or completion of visit. If your insurance company or employer (third part payer) pays the account on your behalf, you agree that the third party payer can have access to your medical records in order to confirm benefits payable for the related services. If previously agreed upon, SEIMC may directly settle a patient’s account with his/her employer. However, if for any reason should an employer not be able to provide payment on patient’s behalf, the account balance remains the responsibility of the patient.

Is described as no insurance, no direct billing offered, services not covered by your insurance, you do not have valid ID or insurance card, and/or GOP is not recognized by SEIMC. SEIMC expect you to:
• Pay in full at the time of services.
• Once treatment plan is planned and you agree then you will be liable for charges occurred. They CAN NOT be deleted or modified after approval.

Should a SEIMC patient have accumulated outstanding balance, he/she will be required to settle in full all outstanding balances prior to their next non‐emergency visit. SEIMC requests that patient kindly arrange payment for any outstanding balances in a timely manner so as to prevent any potential disruption in further services.
For all outstanding balances not cleared within 6 months, SEIMC reserves the right to seek legal action accordance with local laws.

Outpatient: if the total amount is more than RMB 5000, deposit will be required.
Inpatient: For self‐pay patient, prior to admission and operation, deposit will be required. For insurance patient, if prior to admission/operation/procedure, SEIMC has not received GOP letter of insurance company, deposit will be required.
SEIMC will refund based on original payment method after the billing staff confirms with the insurance company the patient’s coverage for the rendered service. SEIMC kindly ask patients to present original receipts when requesting a refund; otherwise such refund request might not be granted.

When patient, corporation, and/or third party request copies of medical records (including imaging) or billing information from SEIMC on behalf of a patient with outstanding balance, we reserve the right to withhold the release of such documents or information up until the outstanding balance has been cleared.

In order to have cooperation and continuity of medical care towards an ongoing management of quality care we ask our patients/ visitors to reframe from:
• Intimidating behavior, rude/ threatening/ abusive language, profanity, and/or comments.
• Verbally or physical attack of another individual while on SEIMC premises.
• Sexual harassment, including words, gestures, and actions, verbal or physical actions.
This behavior interferes with quality of medical care, safety, and a breakdown of SEIMC‐Doctor‐ Patient relationships. SEIMC reserves the right to impose a penalty fees for damages as allowed by China laws for any damages and discharge from SEIMC.


Our Insurances

Corporate Clients

If you are a corporate client and your company has a billing arrangement with us, you may not need to pay us directly for your visit. Please ask your HR manager for details. If your company is interested in establishing a billing arrangement, please contact us at for more information.


Our hospital has an extensive network of international health insurance companies. Shanghai East International Medical Center has established numerous direct-billing agreements to allow you additional flexibility when it comes to payment. Please note that although your health insurance policy may be through one of these companies, you may still be responsible for the payment of some, or all of your medical expenses depending on your insurance plan.

If you are covered by health insurance, we may be able to bill the insurer directly for your medical expenses. Please note that there are times when your coverage cannot be verified and we may require payment up-front. In these cases, we will provide all the required documentation to patients to assist them for making a claim with their insurance companies.

In order to take advantage of our "direct-billing" service, you will be asked to bring a copy of your insurance card, your identification and a valid credit card at the time of your visit.

Important Coverage Information

Please note that many insurance policies have set limits on the types of medical conditions are covered. In many cases, there are deductibles, co-payments, and exclusions which must be paid by the policyholder.

Most policies will also not provide coverage for dental service, maternity, or pre-existing medical conditions. We strongly recommend that you read your policy document and table of benefits very carefully. It is also a good idea to speak with HR experts or insurance agents if you have any questions.

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