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General Surgery

Shanghai East International Medical Center has a long history of providing safe, convenient and quality alternatives to international travel for many people’s surgical needs. Our doctors and nurses are committed to providing a high level of surgical and post-surgical care within our relaxed surroundings to make the experience safe and as comfortable as possible.

Our hospital has experienced in-house surgeons and has direct access to a wide variety of medical specialists through Shanghai East Hospital. Our physicians all possess advanced capabilities in both open and minimally invasive surgical techniques.

Our surgical capabilities include, but are not limited to:

• Cardiology

• General Surgery

• Orthopedics


Hand Surgery

Trauma Surgery


Minimally Invasive Surgery

24-hour Emergency

We also provide minimally invasive procedures for:

• Hemorrhoid Removal

• Cystectomy
• Endoscopy

• Laparoscopy
• Gastroscopy

• Hysteroscopy

Booking an Appointment

You can make inquiries or book an appointment with our surgical team today by calling 5879-9999, or by emailing our service team at


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