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Radiology uses focused beams of radiation, commonly known as “x-rays,” which pass through the body to generate an image of skeletal structure, internal organs, and variations in tissue density. Doctors can use this information to identify broken bones, certain types of infections, and abnormal growths.

Shanghai East International Medical Center's radiology services utilize a top-of-the-line GE Revolution XR/d digital x-ray. Our clinic also has access to a best-in-class GE Senographe 2000D digital mammography device. Digital technology provides the sharpest possible images and minimizes the amount of radiation. Our radiology and health screening services are available year round and more information can be found by emailing our professional team at:


Ultrasonography (also known as sonography or ultrasound) is an imaging technique that uses high-frequency sound waves to create visual images of the inside of the body.  

It is most frequently used in antenatal care to observe the growth of the fetus in the mother's womb. At Shanghai East International Medical Center we offer 3D and 4D ultrasound. With 3D offers three-dimensional imaging and 4D shows moving 3D images, with time being the fourth dimension.  

However, sonography is also used at our hospital for the diagnosis of heart and vascular diseases, and cancer screening. It is also used to guide fine-needle tissue biopsy to assist in taking a sample of cells from an organ for lab testing.  

For more information on our services on prenatal, and annual health screening contact us at :








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