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"We thought the CPR section was really good. We all had a chance to practice and she was very clear. She also let us role play. We reviewed a lot. It helped us to remember how to do it. She told us true events when it happened to her and that gave us a lot of insight." Vivian and Suki

"I thought the first aid course was helpful for teachers. We really gained a lot of useful information from this course. We learned what to do in an emergency situation. Thanks for offering this course to us." Penny Tang

"The First Aid course was informative and useful. The nurse was a compassionate teacher." Sweeny

"I would like to say I learnt a lot of thing through that training, especially CPR. The nurse was patient and addressed childcare areas relevant to preschool teachers. It was good training." Sophi


Dulwich College Shanghai
Thomas Hughes - Year 2 Teacher

"My wife Wei and I felt that we must contact your mangement to sing the praises of the fabulous Ob team.

It was a difficult pregnancy and every step of the way, they were easily approachable, patient and kind. During and after the birth itself they showed themselves to be medically skilled and consummately professional. The pediatrician also deserves a special mention as she has been a great help, always at hand to answer questions etc. since the birth.

You have a tremendous team working for you at SEIMC and I shall certainly be recommending your services to friends and colleagues in the future."


American Consulate General
Susan Hine - Department of Medical Services

“...The Health Unit at the American Consulate General greatly appreciates the co-operation and services provided by staff at SEIMC. We are grateful to have a medical facility of such high standards and expertise situated in Pudong. SEIMC has proven to be a major asset for foreigners living in the area and the American Consulate is particularly indebted to SEIMC staff for their continual assistance and willingness to meet our needs…”


Assistance Online
Dr. Bertrand Guichoux, MD - Chairman & CEO

“…As an assistance company, Assistance Online acts on the behalf of customer's insurances who work with us because of the trust in our recommendation and advice about the right choice in the medical facilities available. SEIMC is one of our preferred referral hospital providers in Shanghai. Their medical professionalism as well as their good customer service always give us confidence for recommending a customer to their clinic or inpatient department. The good cooperation of SEIMC's medical team with our medical coordinators is also a precious advantage when both have to deal with the customer's health…”


British International School of Shanghai
Katrina Reece - Teacher at BISS Puxi

“…Thanks to the planning of the Marketing Department of SEIMC, we were able to have an informative tour of both the inpatient and outpatient wards, as well as an interesting presentation by the pediatricians on healthy living. It was educationally beneficial for the students to be able to ask questions which linked to the Science Topic and PSHE units they have been learning at school. The highlights for the students were seeing the X-Ray equipment and having their pulses taken! All of the students thoroughly enjoyed the outing and we would like to thank all the staff at SEIMC for their time and patience…”

“Can we come again?!” Guian Daryll
“The equipment was interesting.” Jasmin Croome
“It was really interesting to learn about our bodies.” Ho-Jung Kim
“It was fun and exciting. I wish I got to have my pulse taken too!” Malo Hamon
“I liked getting my pulse taken.” Christopher Heneghan


Concordia International School
Jim Koerschen - Head of School

“…Shanghai East International Medical Center has been a real blessing for my wife and me. I appreciate the way we are treated with respect and reverence. The treatment we have needed, fortunately nothing major, has been of the highest quality. I also appreciate that appointment times are respected and we don't have to spend a lot of time waiting. The facilities are clean and modern and the entire staff has been medically professional. For us, Shanghai East International Medical Center and the staff there has been a good choice for getting the medical care and treatment we desire…”


Pudong Shangri-La, Shanghai
Tommy Kwan - Area Financial Controller

“…Just dropping a few lines to thank you for your hospitality service during my medical check-up last week. The whole process was smooth and efficient. Your nurse was professional and really impressed me. They were courteous, efficient and always showed the professionalism. I am so proud of you having such good staff in your team…”




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