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Dr. Javadi   Hope Health Center

Hope Health Center(HHC) is located on the hills of Calabasas in California,USA. Unlike other cancer centers in the world, this center is characterized by personalized care delivered by dedicated and experienced oncologists in a “home-like” environment. While like at “home”, patient is treated like a family member, yet receives the most comprehensive, state of the art molecular tailor-made personalized treatment based on the patient's tumor gene, in a timely fashion. Dr. Javadi, the leader of the group, has a unique experience in controlling the recurrence and metastasis of advanced tumors.

By using “NGS gene sequencing” and the latest genetic analysis technology, Dr. Javadi tests hundreds of cancer-related genes and the latest drugs approved by FDA to detect sensitivity of the cancer treatment protocols. Based on the above analysis, Dr. Javadi has developed his own personalized treatment protocols based on years of accumulated experience, including not only standard chemotherapy, but also immunotherapy, targeted therapy and biological therapy. A large number of successful stories and case reports of the Hope Health Center(HHC) have been reported in many well-known oncology journals.

Hope Health Center(HHC) is affiliated with the teams of oncologic surgeons, radiation oncologists, genetic labs, radiologists, and pathologists to provide care. In addition to the treatment, Hope Health Center(HHC) also provides advanced nutritional consultations, functional therapies such as stem cell and ozone therapies, integrative medicines, and natural remedies to complement the traditional oncology practice.


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